D a s h a         P l e s e n

Daria Fedorova is a multidisciplinary artist, developoing a unique methodology of artistic cultivation of microorganisms. Using different supplements she combines microbiological practice with art phenomena. Grotesque, bizaare, romantic, ironic, hyperbolic, extraordinaire - just a few to describe what her works are. 





 "The basic concept of her works is about bacterial and fungal freedom. She’s acting like a catalyst, who show all of these incredibly gorgeous organisms in a form of artful compositions." - Trendland





"The artist, who works as Dasha Plesen, laces petri dishes with various bacterias and other organisms before placing extra elements like fluffy balls, sugars, and sprinkles in the container. These manufactured additions impede the growths to produce myriad shades and structures and cultivate otherworldly compositions of unnaturally saturated colors, patches of fuzz, and flared coils of slime all within in a single vessel." - This Is Colossal





Why did you decide to use this particular material to create your artwork? What attracts you to mold? - "The way how they grow and communicate, while developing/ I can't control their DNA, but I can make it more visible, more variable, while manipulating with lightning, additional supplements, stencils, vibrations, recipes and proportions. So it's like an incubator for new textures, reactions, shapes and patterns. I can feel and see the whole purity and fascination of life there. With every artwork I feel more and more empowered, even if it's contamination, because Nature is always showing me that organisms are just a part of it, not ruling ones. In other words this is a form of adoration of chaos and strict consciousness at the same time, formed into the form of a full cycle of art production. From the early beginning, when nothing is seen, to the finished object, for the brand campaign or prints on textile and  interior prints." - Foxylab Magazine NY